Vertical type Bead mill

ビーズミル 竪型ミル


Paints, Inks, Pigments, Foodstuff, Dyestuffs, Cosmetics, Electric industry... Mid-Viscosity liquid grinding.


Since 1978 the first creation of bead mill till now, we improved a lots from designing structure and raw materials to upgrade our bead mill to match the high-level request from customers. The improvement is continuously from hardness of chamber inner layer and grinding disc, transmission system, outlet gap, mechanical seal, jacket cooling system, grinding medium... etc. Those improved to make our bead mill have bigger output capacity, less particle size, more longer using life, better finished quality than others Bead Mill suppliers.

Bead material

Available for Quartz-glass bead, Zirconia bead, Chrome steel bead, bead size 1-3mm dia.
Available for Product's viscosity under 8000cps.

Chamber raw material

Outer layer made of #304SS. Inner layer made of abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant chrome steel, the hardness HRC63° Disc made of abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant SKD11 alloy steel, the hardness HRC65° Those hardness will not cause the metal pollution to poor the quality of finished product Superior design of grinding disc and transmission system to let particle size under 5 microns easily in short time. Circulative production, easy to operate.