FAXEN  Profile

Chemical industry machinery manufacturer service.

Produced the mixing and grinding equipments.
Manufacturer / Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers of chemical plant machines.

Subsidiaries and Affiliates

FAXEN is Hwa Maw subsidiaries and affiliates.
FAXEN は Hwa Maw 子会社および関連会社です。
HWA MAW's Certificates the "ISO9001-2000" for supplying more superior quality and service. 2009, got the new Certification of ISO9001-2008. new Certification will push our company to go upgrade ahead for future quality and service.

It serves various different type of chemical manufacturers likes Paints, Inks, Pigments, Resins, Mass coats, Dyestuffs, Sealants, Adhesives, Hi-Tech coated, Electronic FPC board, IC Coating, Battery, Cosmetics, Ointments, Silicon glues, Putty, Cream Paste... equipments manufacturer.

Applications - アプリケーション

水薬、薬剤シロップ製造, 錠剤コーティング, クリーム、軟膏の製造, ベントナイトの高速分散, ラバーの高速分散・溶解