Platform Type High Speed Mixer

Hydraulic Lifting & Inverter Controiled Variable Speed


Paints, Inks, Pigments, PU Resin, Silicon glues,
Cosmetics, Foodstuff, Ointment...
Mid-viscosity dispersion. Viscosity available under 10,000cps.


Aim at workflow convenience and volume production. We develop this platform type high speed mixer & dissolver from the same construction of standard high speed mixers. The base of high speed mixer is placed on the platform for easily filling up the raw materials. The finished products can be drained for packing or next producing process easily.

Inverter controls variable speed from 0 to 1,500rpm. Any speed can be set for best and optimal mixing results. The upper arm can swivel freely for changing the drum. It suits for multiple mixing drums and discharge systems. Hydraulic lifting up/down systems.