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Pigments many materials selectively absorb certain wavelengths of light. Materials that humans have chosen and developed for use as pigments usually have special properties that make them ideal for coloring other materials. Pigment must have a high tinting strength relative to the materials it colors. It must be stable in solid form at ambient temperatures...

Other properties of a color, such as its saturation or lightness, may be determined by the other substances that accompany pigments. Binders and fillers added to pure pigment chemicals also have their own reflection and absorption patterns, which can affect the final spectrum.

Manufacturer equipments

Pigment Grinding Machine, Made tooth saw blade grinding machine. Grinding Pigments in Laboratories. Process is to determine the consistency density, colouring power for pigments, Iron Oxide, Carbon, Cobalt Oxide, Copper Oxide, Manganese Oxide, Tin Oxide, Nickel Oxide, Chromium Oxide