Four Shafts Planetary Mixer

High Viscosity - Vacuum Type


Paints, Inks, Pigments, PU Resin, Silicon glues, Putty, Sealants, Foodstuff, Dyestuffs,
Ointments, Cosmetics... High viscosity dispersion.


The four shaft high viscosity Planetary Mixer uses gears transmission to drive two low speed impellers rotating in the same directions, It makes the interactive kneading, twisting and dispersing effects. Two serrated disc shafts drives by variable high speed. Two oak impellers shafts drives by variable low speed. While mixing, two high speed shafts will make two high speed whirlpools, two low speed shafts will make turbulences, the planetary revolving speed will make another circulation.
Those circulations come cross to make the best kneading, twisting and dispersing effects for raw materials in tank.

Safety Design :

When vacuum lid lifts up and apart from mixing tank, the machine will stop mixing automatically.
When machine has overload running or over viscosity running, the machine will stop operating automatically.